VICE IN MERIDEN – Meriden Items for Bad Habits

Meriden’s many manufacturers and businesses produced numerous items over the years that enabled Meriden’s citizens and people all over the world to engage in activities which, done in excess, turn into bad habits.

Be it tobacco (smoked or chewed), alcohol, or gambling (with cards or other means), Meriden companies had a wealth of products that could be used in these pursuits.

Join us at our Museum, the Moses Andrews Homestead, every Sunday in May, starting May 2, 2021 between the hours of 11 AM and 3 PM to view many of those items.

The museum is located at 424 W. Main St. Meriden CT.

Admission is free – donations are very much appreciated.

Because of COVID, appropriate safety precautions will be in force, including mask wearing and social distancing.

A video capturing this exhibit will be available on the Society’s YouTube site.